Empowering your journey home.

You deserve to feel worthy, to feel good enough and to love who you are without question; without doubt; and without validation from anyone else but your own unique and beautiful self.


Hi, I'm Paige!

A free spirited, nature-loving (specifically oceans and sunflowers) artist, self-development addict, yoga & wellness teacher and holistic energy healer with a passion for empowering women to reclaim their inner freedom, self-love, and to shine their beautiful light on the world.


I support and empower you to thrive, physically, mentally & emotionally in life... so that you can live a life that fills your heart with joy, with light, & with life!

"Through powerful holistic healing and wellbeing techniques, I’ll support you to rebuild your self-worth, remember love, and step into & embody your power so that you can thrive physically, mentally and emotionally in life."

- Paige xx

I believe that everyone has the power within them to change… everyone has the power to heal.


Change is scary, transformation is exciting, letting go is hard and moving forward step by step can be exhausting. Especially on your own. Sometimes you feel you haven’t made any progress at all. Sometimes, you just have no idea who you are or what to do next. And sometimes you want to give up completely. But there is something within you that won’t let you do that, something within you so powerful it forces you to continue on… even in the hardest of moments.

Let me introduce you to your Will. Your heart. Your Inner Being. A quiet voice, an intuition, a feeling, a sense of this is or isn’t right for me, a knowing that you’ve unconsciously forgotten, silenced, ignored or disconnected from. A Being that loves you no matter what, that will steady, guide and support you unconditionally.

Healing & transformation is a process. It takes time, it takes reconnection, it takes courage and it takes determination. It is my mission to support & empower you in remembering & reconnecting with your heart so that you can reclaim and step into your power.
Live a life that fills your heart with joy, with light, & with life. Live as your best you.


What our clients say!

consciousness ~ expansion ~ connection


"An excellent & very talented yoga instructor, Paige's classes are suitable for all levels of practice with something new always on offer to help improve strength, balance, and flexibility. She provides excellent cues making it easy to relax and follow along. Paige offers sensitive and intuitive modifications and is full of kindness, patience & generosity. I always finish Paige’s classes with a feeling of gratitude for having spent time learning and practicing yoga with such a special person."

— Frances, United States


"I had a couple of reiki sessions with Paige recently and they were so powerful. I’m blown away by all the things she was able to pick up on from halfway around the world. I’m so grateful for her helping me to relax and also all the insights she was able to give me about everything in my life that’s holding me back. I would recommend Paige to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat!"

— Bronwyn, Mexico

1:1 Yoga & Wellness Sessions

"I really loved my sessions with Paige because of her genuineness and I felt an instant connection with her. She listened, she asked gentle questions to find out about me, and she listened...!This was so important for me, especially now, and she created something specially to meet my needs. Paige didn't just plan a session, she crafted something to support my wellbeing; to give me confidence and guidance; and to find a way forward. Endless gratitude for you, thank you Paige xx"

— Nicci, United Kingdom

Everyone's journey begins somewhere...

“It does not matter how quickly or slowly it is that you journey, but rather that you choose to journey in the first place.”

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

- The Bhagavad Gita

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