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“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” 

- The Bhagavad Gita

. . .

We hope that you find something here to help you nourish your body, connect with your breath, quiet your mind and reveal your inner light.


Kindness and love,

Paige x

What our students say!

"This has been my first time practicing yoga with a teacher and from the first class, I was hooked! Paige is such a calming and knowledgeable teacher who often explains each asana and breathing practice, as well as providing variations for each skill level. I’ve never got lost during a flow with Paige as she guides us through the session. The zoom classes are great, and I feel like Paige delivers the full yoga experience!"

— Louise, NSW Australia

"Paige is such a wonderful yoga teacher! I’d never really enjoyed yoga before as I never felt like I was doing the poses correctly, but Paige has this way of explaining exactly how you should be in the pose and what it should feel like. I also have a medical condition and Paige has worked with me to understand my limitations and she gives some amazing modifications to do so that I can safely practice. I couldn’t recommend Paige and her classes enough!"

— Kirsty, NSW Australia

"An excellent & very talented yoga instructor, Paige's classes are suitable for all levels of practice with something new always on offer to help improve strength, balance, and flexibility. She provides excellent cues making it easy to relax and follow along. Paige offers sensitive and intuitive modifications and is full of kindness, patience & generosity. I always finish Paige’s classes with a feeling of gratitude for having spent time learning and practicing yoga with such a special person."

— Frances, CA United States

"Paige provides simple and effective instruction to get the most out of your yoga practice. Couldn't do it without her. Or, never thought I would enjoy yoga, but since practicing with Paige, it has proved to be an excellent way to stay in tune with my body and emotions. Love it! A minimalist approach to exercise, all you need is you, gravity and an excellent instructor in Paige from ‘the wildflower paiges, yoga and wellness’ studio."

— Caitlin, NSW Australia

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