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Hello! I'm Paige. A yoga loving, energetics geek, ex oxymoron of a plant-based animal scientist and eternal student of life. My passion lies in self-healing, in creative and authentic self-expression, going against the grain of societal norms and creating & living a life full of freedom, love and joy.


Just like you I have a very true and meaningful life story that includes many details of “successes” and “failures” – or what I once perceived them to be.


I was a success driven, “must be the best” at everything I do, perfectionist who burned myself out taking on waaaay to many responsibilities, tasks, and projects than I should. Being unconsciously addicted to stress and numbing/ignoring my emotions, I possessed a crippling lack of self-love and seemed to be on a mission to ignore my intuition and what my heart truly desired.

Fast-forward to 2020, the onset of a worldwide pandemic and me deciding to move half-way across Australia to pursue a PhD, I experienced what I like to call my “dark night of the soul”, “awakening” and “rebirth”.


My unsustainable way of existing finally caught up with me.

I suffered many physical, mental, and emotional challenges such as depression, severe anxiety, sleep insomnia, digestive upset, and skin conditions… just to name a few. I was a mess. I felt lost, I felt empty and I felt so, so alone.


For a while I resisted it, I tried to ignore it, and I tried to continue life as If nothing was wrong. I was too confused and too scared to ask for help, to admit that I was not strong enough to handle this one on my own.

But one day, after having an experience that left me exhausted, afraid, and empty I decided that I’d had enough.


I wasn’t going to live like this anymore. I couldn’t live like this. Something had to change. I had to help myself, I had to heal, to feel better and to feel well again. Lucky for me, a few years prior I had begun a regular practice of yoga unknowingly becoming an addict to the physical, mental, and emotional benefits. So, I quit my job and invested everything I had in journeying home to greater health, to emotional regulation, to a more stable mindset, to connecting with and loving myself for everything that I was, everything I am, and everything that I wanted to be. I invested in my yoga practice, I sought support and I learned so deeply about myself, my inner turmoil, and its manifestation and reflection in my outer experiences.


And through all of this, through investing in doing the inner work


 I was able to change entirely my state of being. I began to heal both my inner and outer worlds.


* I shed my unconscious addictions.

* I overcame limiting beliefs and patterns that were holding me back from stepping into and embodying my true and authentic version of me.

* I learned how to manage my mindset, to regulate my emotions and overcame my physical challenges.

* I was able to begin to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally in my life.

I won't claim that I'm an expert, not by any means.

I was on a journey and I’m still on a journey.

I’m still learning.


Sometimes I relapse a little, sometimes I struggle, sometimes I have bad days. But the most important thing is that I never give up, I keep moving forward, I continue to use the empowering and life changing tools that support me in continuing to invite more presence, more connection, and more love into my life.


Each day I continue to learn, to evolve, to expand and to become a more empowered, more joyful, more fulfilled, and a more loving version of myself.


I love me for me, and I am willing to unapologetically stand in my truth and to let my beautiful light shine on this world.

It is my mission to support and empower you on your own unique, and personal journey.


To provide you with the tools, the knowledge and the services that will change your life should you choose to let them.

I invite you to journey with me.

To step into your best version of who you are;

And to thrive physically, emotionally and mentally as your best you.


the wildflower paiges

We hold a vision.

A vision of a world that is supported by a collective of conscious individuals who are empowered in their own lives.

A world where deep connection, both interpersonal and with Self is valued.

A world where authentic Self-expression and creativity is limitless, abundant, and accepted.

A world where truth is king and queen, where confidence; resilience; and belief is instilled and inspired in each and every child.

A world where kindness rules, where compassion is held, and where every soul is empowered by unconditional love.

A world that is thriving.

Physically, emotionally, energetically, mentally, and spiritually.

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