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Welcome to 'the wildflower paiges', your online yoga and wellness studio. Here we aim to empower you to feel safe, knowledgeable and confident in your practice of yoga & life by providing you with the information, resources and love to support you along your journey to self knowledge and improved health & wellbeing. It is our mission to share the love of yoga by making it's teachings accessible to as many people as possible and we invite you to join us on this journey. At the wildflower paiges you will find:

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  • Inspiring your inner creativity, view Paige's personal charcoal based artworks - visit The Gallery

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Hello beautiful soul! My name is Paige (funnily enough), creator of the wildflower paiges and a free spirit (who also loves flowers... specifically sunflowers). I am a lover of life, a creative with a passion for yoga and sharing love with everyone that I meet. I'm on this amazing journey called life and have found my path through practicing yoga, a way of life that has helped me discover my true self, let go of and learn from the past & grow into the person I have always wanted to be. Just like you I have a very true and meaningful life story and if I were to go into it we would probably be here all day! So for now, here's a snippet of me.


My friends would describe me as "joy stuffed into a human" with a love for life and a deep passion for following the heart. I love to talk about all things wellness, wonder at the beauty and miracle of life and breathe love and life into everything that I do. I first came to yoga seeking a form of physical exercise to keep me in shape while at university, one that I would actually enjoy and look forward to doing (don't we all). My Dad recommended I give yoga a try (thanks Dad!) and since then I've never looked back. As I engaged more deeply with my practice and began to feel the benefits in my body, I also noticed that it was helping me emotionally and mentally. I realised that there was more to it than just the physical movement. For me learning is a passion and yoga opened the door to self exploration, self growth and a way of life I had been seeking with out even realising it. 

One of my greatest challenges is trusting and believing in myself and hence, doing the thing that makes me scared. I've wanted to follow my dream of teaching yoga, sharing love with others and helping those who are on the path to remember who they truly are for some time. Following a few wake up kicks from the Universe, I decided to face my fears head-on and start the wildflower paiges, an online yoga and wellness studio to support you along your journey towards nourishing your body, connecting with your breath, quieting your mind and revealing your inner light. I want to share the practice that changed my life and to help empower you to become the person that you've always wanted to be. Through sharing my knowledge and personal experiences, I hope to inspire, empower and support you along your own personal journey.

With kindness & love,

Paige xx

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