I am the creator of my own reality.

Updated: Jun 27

- Abraham Hicks

* Each Monday, or as required, apply a new affirmation to your daily practice*

I am not my thoughts; I am the conscious thinker of my thoughts. I am not my feelings; I am the conscious feeler of my feelings.

I am not my physical body; I am the conscious caretaker of my physical body.

I understand that what I think and feel influences what I realise to be in my physical reality.

I understand that how I look after, treat, and love my physical body influences its capacity to fully support and carry me through this life.

I am, at my source, pure love energy.

A vibration so beautiful, so intense, and so powerful that only positive thoughts, feelings, and physical manifestations are perceived and attracted when I am in nearest alignment with my truth. Through awakening to my vibrational reality and the power of my actions, feelings, and thoughts I have gained the power of awareness. The awareness that I am the perceiver of my own reality, the creator of my own reality. And in having this knowledge, I have regained the power of choice. And by choosing to step into this power with loving awareness, compassion, and a burning desire to live in alignment my highest truth, I consciously choose to think the thoughts, feel the feelings, and take physical action that will allow me to live through the lens of my pure love energy. I am the conscious creator of my own reality.

Choose to live through the lens of your own love.

I am the creator of my own reality.

Suggested daily practice:

Each and every morning -

  1. Wash your face

  2. Brush your teeth

  3. Drink a glass of water (filtered is preferable)

  4. Take a comfortable seat (maybe put on a salt lamp, some soft music or light some incense if you like)

  5. Take three deep belly breaths (Raja pranayama)

  6. Have your affirmation written out before you and begin to silently repeat your it in your minds eye

  7. When you feel ready, close you eyes and continue to repeat the affirmation

  8. Feel what it feels like in your body to fully surrender to your affirmation

  9. Notice these feelings, let yourself truly experience them

  10. Say It. Feel It. Live It - continue for a minimum of 5 minutes and when you are ready begin your beautiful day!

Love & kindness,

xx Paige

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