I am whole and complete.

Updated: Jun 27

* Each Monday, or as required, apply a new affirmation to your daily practice*

I am whole and complete in this moment.

In this very moment I want for nothing more. I choose to ground myself in its beauty. To see the sights, hear the sounds, feel the touch, smell the scents, and taste the tastes in the here and now. I am grounded, I am present, and I am here. I recognize its magnificence, and its miracle and that I am a gift in this moment we call the present. The only time that exists in my reality.

I am whole and complete in my own company.

I choose to love others, not because I feel that they can complete me; be the other half to my missing whole, but rather, together our own love for who we are, our beautiful selves, is amplified in shared vibration and knowing. We thrive in this joy, this magic, this togetherness. They are the sprinkles to my ice-cream; I am perfect, delicious, and complete as I am. They make my 'me' just that much more. I don’t need them, but I enjoy them when they are there.

I am whole and complete as I am.

I live fully in confidence that I am enough, I have enough, I radiate enough love; energy; goodness; and joy just as I am. I recognise that external experiences are tools and opportunities that are available to assist me in this awakening if I so choose to listen and to learn. They are simply a guide on my journey home. I know and believe that everything I have and could ever have is already within me. I seek to discover it, to unveil it, and to release these aspects of my own life force, my own love that lives within.

I am whole and complete.

Suggested daily practice:

Each and every morning -

  1. Wash your face

  2. Brush your teeth

  3. Drink a glass of water (filtered is preferable)

  4. Take a comfortable seat (maybe put on a salt lamp, some soft music or light some incense if you like)

  5. Take three deep belly breaths (Raja pranayama)

  6. Have your affirmation written out before you and begin to silently repeat your it in your minds eye

  7. When you feel ready, close you eyes and continue to repeat the affirmation

  8. Feel what it feels like in your body to fully surrender to your affirmation

  9. Notice these feelings, let yourself truly experience them

  10. Say It. Feel It. Live It - continue for a minimum of 5 minutes and when you are ready begin your beautiful day!

Love & kindness,

xx Paige

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