I have to. I need to. I want to. I can. I am.

Updated: Jun 27

* Each Monday, or as required, apply a new affirmation to your daily practice*

So many thoughts come to mind, so many words to describe the concept of suffering through the unconscious phenomena of attachment and aversion. Raga and Dvesha. The Sanskrit words, the vibrations experientially describing just this. Two of the five Kleshas, obstacles to Self, and the cause for suffering.

Through attachment to wants and desires we suffer.

Through aversion to dislike and dissatisfaction we suffer.

Why so?

As one in the same, both phenomena of the mind one could describe as attachment. Attachment to success and attachment to resistance. Attachment to suffering.

When our wants and desires are granted, our happiness, our joy is short-lived. We return to suffer, mourning the absence of happiness of joy that we so briefly experienced.

When our wants and desires are not granted, we suffer. We mourn the absence of happiness, of joy that we so deeply sought.

When our dislikes and dissatisfaction are present, we experience the contrast that illuminates the experience of suffering in the absence of happiness and joy.

When we resist our dislikes and dissatisfaction, we mourn the absence of happiness and joy and our inability to attain. We suffer. We suffer in unconscious attachment to discomfort, to fear, to pain, to the vibration from which we are seeking to rise.

So, let me ask you…

What is it that you are attached to?

What are the unconscious or conscious thoughts that you action in hope of attaining the outcome to which you are attached?

Perhaps you did a friend a ‘favour’ in secret hope of acknowledgement, or praise, or returning the ‘act of kindness’? Ah, but when it wasn’t returned how did you suffer?

Perhaps you resisted doing a job you don’t enjoy, clinging to the discomfort that comes from stress, avoidance, and the story of suffering? All despite the freedom and happiness you knew could be experienced on the other side.

Perhaps you suffered through doing the job all because you held resistance to the experience your mind told you wouldn’t bring you happiness?

My dear, seeking outside of yourself will not bring you what it is you truly desire. Seeking outside of yourself cannot bring you a sustained sense of security, of validation, of unconditional love. These things can only be found within, through conscious connection, through selfless action, through non-attachment, through letting go and through discovering, cultivating, and surrendering to your own love. The love, happiness and joy that lives within. Unconditionally.

Give simply because it feels good to give. Hold no expectation of return.

Seek to only explore and discover. Release the desire and need to attain.

Travel within and witness the mirroring of your inner world in that of your physical reality. Realise that all begins within.

Surrender to the resistance and do because you can. Not because you must.

Want for nothing. Where having nothing brings you as much joy as having all.

Consciously ascend the staircase of vibrational vocabulary. Choosing to think, speak, feel and breath “I am”. Simply because you are, not because you have to, need to, want to, or even can.

You are the love, light, freedom, joy, and happiness which you seek.

You are, I am, we all are.

This is an invitation to reframe, to recreate and experience through the lens of "I am" above all else this week.

I have to. I need to. I want to. I can. I am.

Suggested daily practice:

Each and every morning -

  1. Brush your teeth

  2. Drink a glass of water (filtered is preferable)

  3. Take a comfortable seat (maybe put on a salt lamp, some soft music or light some incense if you like)

  4. Take three deep belly breaths (Raja pranayama)

  5. Have your affirmation written out before you and begin to silently repeat your it in your minds eye

  6. When you feel ready, close you eyes and continue to repeat the affirmation

  7. Feel what it feels like in your body to fully surrender to your affirmation

  8. Notice these feelings, let yourself truly experience them

  9. Say It. Feel It. Live It - continue for a minimum of 5 minutes and when you are ready begin your beautiful day!

Love & kindness,

xx Paige

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