I trust that I will be looked after.

Updated: Jun 27

* Each Monday, or as required, apply a new affirmation to your daily practice*

Surrender. A powerful word.

Surrender. A word of mystery.

Surrender. A call to action.

But… what action does it ask me to take?

Does it ask me to yield my heart, my will, my strength? No.

Does it ask me to fall to my knees at the demand of others? No.

Does it ask me to abandon my personal power, to forgo my dreams, to give up? No.

Does it ask me to relinquish myself, arms raised, head bowed to what does not align? No.

But then… what mystery does this word hold?

If it does not ask me to abandon who I am, what I stand for, what I believe in then what?

If it does not ask me to allow myself to be caught up in and conform to the demands of others, of society, of the collective unconscious then what?

If it does not ask me to look outside of myself for truth, then what?

Then what power does this word hold for me? What?

Surrender to letting go.

Surrender to trusting.

Surrender to believing in yourself.

Surrender to the knowing within.

Surrender to having faith that you will be looked after.

Surrender to good will and nothing else.

Surrender to kindness.

Surrender to the lessons of the past.

Surrender to who you are and who you are becoming.

Surrender to the light shining on the shadows.

Surrender the ego, the stories, the past, the patterns, the worry to your heart; let it lead you, let it love you.

Surrender to your intuition, your knowing, your gut feeling.

Surrender to what is, in favour of what has been or is not yet.

Surrender to the present moment.

Surrender to yourself. Your all-knowing, beautiful, strong, and loving self.

Surrender to the love that you are.

Surrender, and then surrender again.

You have done the work. Now it is time to be still, to listen, to hear and to see. It is time to surrender to the magic of the moment, to watch it unfold. It is time to let go of what you cannot control, and to let the story be written. It is already written. It is time to have faith, to trust that all will be as it is meant to be. Let your love shine and nothing else. You will be looked after.


I trust that I will be looked after.

Suggested daily practice:

Each and every morning -

  1. Wash your face

  2. Brush your teeth

  3. Drink a glass of water (filtered is preferable)

  4. Take a comfortable seat (maybe put on a salt lamp, some soft music or light some incense if you like)

  5. Take three deep belly breaths (Raja pranayama)

  6. Have your affirmation written out before you and begin to silently repeat your it in your minds eye

  7. When you feel ready, close you eyes and continue to repeat the affirmation

  8. Feel what it feels like in your body to fully surrender to your affirmation

  9. Notice these feelings, let yourself truly experience them

  10. Say It. Feel It. Live It - continue for a minimum of 5 minutes and when you are ready begin your beautiful day!

Love & kindness,

xx Paige

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