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Empowering you both on & off the mat; IGNITE Online Coaching sessions are uniquely designed for women who are seeking support in both their yoga practice & their personal wellness. Through the ancient wisdom of yoga, her own knowledge & personal experience, Paige will intuitively work with you to support and guide you in achieving your dreams, to lovingly overcome challenges to the Self and to meet your intentions for who it is you want to become in body, mind and spirit. These 1hr virtual sessions are a combination of both wellness support & yoga coaching and will be uniquely tailored to meet you where you are at and to support you along your own unique and wonderful journey. They may include exploring and workshopping techniques of yoga, developing a personalised daily practice, personal wellness support & more. These sessions are for you if: * You are beginning your yoga practice or have <1-2 years of practice * You have a specific intention for practicing yoga & want to learn how the practice can be designed to support you in meeting this intention e.g. reducing stress in the body & mind, specific personal goals, developing greater self-love, healing etc. * You are wanting to go beyond the physical yoga techniques and explore aspects of personal wellness to serve and meet your intentions and goals * You are wanting to develop self sufficiency in your yoga and daily practice according to your own body, mind, emotions, and energy * You are looking to feel safe and supported in your practice * You are not confident to participate in group classes (optional) These sessions are most likely not for you if: * You are a more advanced practitioner and have a firm understanding of how the practice can be tailored to meet your needs & intentions * You are a more advanced practitioner and are wanting to explore more advanced yoga techniques * You are seeking only wellness support coaching * You feel you require medical attention, psychotherapy, physiotherapy or other specific services How it works: If you feel this offering speaks to you and is something that you feel called to, we invite you to complete the expression of interest form and book a free, 15-30 minute Alignment Call with Paige to explore in more depth your intention for practicing and if these sessions are for you. Cost: 80$ per session (varies with payment type) Embody your own love, your truth and your best you; physically, mentally, emotionally & energetically. Book a call today.

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Bookings, cancellations and rescheduling closes 1hr prior to class start times. If you have a class plan with a limited number of classes and have made a mistake, please contact us for assistance.

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